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Image by Rúben Marques

IINJAZ Falconry Center


Falconry is one of the oldest hobbies known to many to this day. The hobby is called the hobby of the kings and the rich.
The falcon is one of the most beautiful birds and the fastest creature on God's green earth, and it is strong and got skilled in hunting.

falcons hunters who annually anticipate migratory falcons by passing through their areas and hunting and selling them for huge prices despite strict laws and attempts to prevent wild falcon hunting despite awareness and government to prevent this from happening.

The purebred and hybrid falcons produced by families and brought or imported from all over the world are now facing diseases and injuries just like wild hawks. Where they are dispensed when they are infected with diseases because, they take a long time to treat and end up in the markets waiting for someone to buy and treat them, but most of them die and here the idea of ​​establishing an IINJAZ Falconry Center was born.


About the IInjaz Center for Falconry project

We are specialists in treating sick and injured wild falcons by purchasing and classifying them.
(It is handed by one of the oldest professional falconers and has a wide reputation in treating and training falcons, as he worked in the first center for falcon production in the Arab world.
The center includes four departments, which are divided into groups)


Group One

Purchasing and qualifying the producer of marriageable age and qualifying for a program of reproduction.

Group Two

 The pure ones will be purchased and rehabilitated to release into the wild to continue breed and support their reproduction to save these beautiful birds and maintain it.

Group Three

Young healthy falcons may find a falcon breeder who buys them and takes care of them, and the return within the working budget of the center. A large section will invest in the digital IINJAZ currency as a kind of mutual support between us and investment to provide continuous support for the IINJAZ Falcons Center.

Group Four

 Treatment and rehabilitation of falconers for reasonable amounts.

The FILM ZONE Foundation is the official supporter of the IINJAZ token and the IINJAZ Falcons Center. They will document the stages of treatment of falcons until they are released or classified into one of the above-mentioned programs.

The cost of establishing a center for falcons requires a huge budget, a medical team specialized in treating wounds and advanced medicines and medical devices, especially for falcons.

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